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Inclusive or universal environment is a very poor implementation in Indonesia. Nowadays, almost physic designs were made without considering abilities, age and gender. There is no activities to apply or to develop the inclusive design because there is sort of mindset that inclusive or universal design is expensive to implement. Whereas, providing product with universal design means giving a chance to all user to run their activities. So, this effort will enhance productivity of society and become an investment when we are getting older.

Universal design is an approach design for products, facilities or environments to all user regardless ability, age, and gender. With this design approach, every products, facilities and environments will be adjusted to all users in different situations. So that, the bathroom design competition will be the one of our ways to socialize universal design in Indonesia.

Bathroom has chosen as an object of this design competition because it is the most important part in a house and has many various activities that can be accommodated in it. Beside esthetic, function and economic value, the capability of designer to compromise people with disability and other people whom we call them as normal person will be tested.

To socialize that universal design is not only for people with dissablity but also for all into wide society.
To produce accessible bathroom design which can be role models to other designer especially in Indonesia.

Competition will be held by Non Government Organization called Bandung Independent Living Centre (BILIC) that has a major concern in people with disability’s issue in Indonesia.

Bathroom interior, product, and architectural design in a resident which is applied universal design principals.
The 1st winner design will be implemented as a pilot project of accessible restroom in Indonesia.

1. Everyone could join this competition. The participant could be an individual or a group with maximum 5 persons.
2. The participants are people who have finished all registration process and get the registration number.
3. The registration should be done on behalf of participants’ name and should be able to responsible with their design.

1. Registration form could be downloaded from:
Registration fee for individual/group will be done by transferring to bank account:
Bank’s name  : PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
Branch : Asia Afrika
Account’s name : Yayasan Hidup Independen
Account’s number : 97367658
Switch code : BNINIDJABDG
Fees  Domestic participants : IDR 50.000 (fifty thousands rupiah)
Fees  Foreign participants : IDR 100.000 (a hundred thousands rupiah)
3. Registration number could be requested and confirmed to BILIC Sekretariat BILIC, by email to: The registration number is initial requirement to join this competition. Registration deadline is 12th  November 2007.
4. The content of application is:
TOR of Design, include the bathroom plan in dwg format
Registration Form
5. The document should be sent via email to
The complete Registration Form
Transfer receipt
6. After sending the documents above, the participants will receive the ‘registration number’ via email 3 days after the participants sending the application.

Deadline competition is November 19, 2007 and send it to:

Via Post Delivery:
Departemen Arsitektur ITB
Labtek IX B
Jl. Ganesha no 10 Bandung 40132

Direct Delivery:
Monday-Friday, 12th -19th September 2007, at 13.00-16.00 WIB
Foreign : Send via email to:

17th September–12th November 2007 : Registration
19th November 2007 : Competition Deadline
30th November 2007 : Announcement of the Competition Winner
1st-6th December 2007 : Design Exhibition [The Decision of Juror can not be changed in any condition]

•  Patricia J. Saerang, member of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist.
•  Dr. Dudy Wiyancoko, product designer and lecturer in Design Product Study of ITB.
•  Dr-Ing. Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo, architect and lecturer in Architecture Study of ITB.
•  Dr. Ir. Woerjantari K.Soedarsono, MT., architect and lecturer in Architecture Study of ITB.
•  Faisal Rusdi, Head of BILiC and member of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist.

Total prize is 1DR 22.000.000  (twenty two millions rupiah).

  1st Winner  : IDR 10.000.000,00 (ten millions rupiah)
  2nd Winner : IDR 7.000.000,00 (seven millions rupiah)
  3rd Winner : IDR 5.000.000,00 (five millions rupiah)

If there is an incomplete design for the development implementation, the committee has a right to ask the participants to complete it according to the TOR.

•  The winners’ design will be belongs to the committee.
•  The non-winner participants could have their design again and take it in BILIC’s office from the end of competition until January 3, 2008.
•  If the design is not taken by the owner until particular day, the design will be owned by the committee.

The participant will be disqualified, if:

    • The participant is late to deliver the design.
    • The participant does not fulfill the required documents.
    • The participant does not follow the rule of the application submisson.

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