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Accesibility Division

Accessible environment is very important to support independent living concept for people with disabilities. However, accessible environment is not only demanded  for persons with disabilities, but also how that environment inclusively designed so that all user can use it safely and comfortable. So far, universal design becomes a good media to  those approach.

Creating inclusive environment.

• To raise awareness about universal design.
• To be design consultant related to universal design.
• To be study centre related to inclusive environment.

Work Program

City's Public Facilities Audit
  The city’s accessibility rate is one of the determined aspects refered to the city’s productivity. The higher a city have accessibility for its citizens, the higher its productivity gained... (more)
Universal Design Discussion = Inclusive Environment
  Universal Design or Inclusive Design is design approach for facilities used by everyone without any physical, age, and gender boundaries. There is no awareness about the importance of inclusive environment without physical, age, and gender boundaries has been delivering the unstrict policies in design solutions, and caused several community cannot use the facility with safely and comfortable... (more)
International Design Competition of Accessible Restroom
  This restroom design competition is one of the effort to give socialization of universal or inclusive design. Restroom, as the object of competition, has been choosen because it is one of  main room in house and have a high variety activities... (more)

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