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Advocacy Division

One of our divisions which strove to deliver Bandung citizen’s awareness about the rights of people with disabilities. The government and society were expected to be cooperated in caring and accepting persons with disabilities as a whole community members. This issue makes BILiC stand to involve the policy’s arrangement and implementation.

Vision : To create an inclusive environment, where persons with disabilities were accepted as a member of community who have equal rights and obligations.
Mision : Campaign on disability issues for both government and public society, in physical as well as non-physycally aspects.

Work program in advocacy division which are related to independent living campaign are :

  1. The making of brochures
  2. Brochure distributions
  3. Visiting public communities in district and valley section
  4. Watching the Inclusive film in elementary schools
  5. Seminar/workshop on disability issues
  6. On Air Talk show on Radio
  7. Making evaluation
  8. Activelly participated on external meetings which are related to advocacy
  9. Lobbying with local government

Advocacy Division Activity Archive

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