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Volunteer Division

This division derives from the terminology of families and friends of BILiC, who strove to recruit volunteers to be involved in BILiC activities. These voluteers often hired from student from university and parents who are willing to involve BILiC activities. But generally, this recuitment is for unlimited community.

To build network, nationally and internationally, with other community (individual or instances) in order to realism the independent living, for disability particularly, and deliver the inclusive environment in Indonesia generally.

To embrace the stakeholders from any community which are willing to be involved in things related to disability issues, routine or incidentally, so that goodwill would be created. (initiative and realization)

Work Program:
Family Forum
The main factor to build independent living for handicaps is their family’s support, because for Indonesian people, it is important to build family bond especially children to their parents, and so the opposite.
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant is an attendant needs by handicap to help their everyday activities in order to fulfill their rights and obligations as individual an social community. This is necessary because during their activity, they often get trouble/boundaries which are caused by the unaccomodated physical environment to their physical disability.

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