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International Design Competition for Accessible Restroom

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BILiC is a non-government institution that has basic concept of Independent Living movement for people with disabilities. Based on the philosophy, we consider the person with disbilities as a professional among their disabilities. In the other words, they are the ones who know best what their needs are. That is why they have rights to decide themselves. The basic concept of this self determination matter is, having self-controlled for what they have done, and how they did it, who did it, and when they did it... (more)

The Running Programs:

International Disabilities Day 2007 (1st -6th and 8th Desember 2007)
Independency is one of the most important things for people to play their both roles, as individual and part of society. Independent Living is a whole concept of independency for people with disabilities. (more)
Bathroom Design International Competiton on “Accessible Restroom”.
Registration: 17th September - 24th October 2007
Competition Deadline: 19th November 2007
Campaign on Inclusive Education Enviroment in Cimahi.

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