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1. History
BILiC is a non-government institution that has basic concept of Independent Living movement for people with disabilities. Based on the philosophy, we consider the persons with disabilities as a professional among their disabilities. In the other words, they are the ones who know best what their needs. That is why they have rights to decide themselves. The basic concept of this self depending matter is, having self-controlled for what they have done, and how they did it, who did it, and when they did it.

Started with discussion forums inspired by ITB architecture students, who raised the social issue of accessibilities in Bandung (March 25th,2003), we held a Public Facilities Accessibility Audit in several locations in Bandung, and the result was, we had successfully created a documentary film. This documentary film is often used to build the awareness of both, society and government, about the importance of having accessible for all.

Along with our movement to build this community, the philosophy of Independent Living were introduced to us, and since that we all agree naming this community as BILiC, or Bandung Independent Living Centre. After two years activities, on 2005 BILiC made a re-arrangement of the organisation structure’s system, and legalized our status by the Notaries Act dated April 14th, 2005. BILiC were officially becoming foundation since April 2005.

2. Operational License
BILiC have the legal operational license from Notarise in Bandung, dated April 14th, 2005. Nowadays, BILiC were under the management of Yayasan Hidup Independen.

3. Vision and Mision
Vision :
To build the inclusive society in West Java.
Mision :
To develop Independent Living philosophy as a self-esteem and strenght value for those who has disabilities, to increase their participation and gain their actualization as a member of society, in order to reach social life equality.

4. Function
Our division programs were here to give services for people with disabilities and wide society about everything which were related to disability issues.

5. Program/ Accomplishment

Independent Living and Peer Counseling Seminar, cooperate with Machida Human Network Independent Living Center, Japan – October 2003.
Peer Counseling Training for persons with disabilities, November 2003 Januany 2004.
Volunteer Recruitment and Training as a Personal Attendant, April 2004.
Sign Language Training of volunteer, May 2004.
Volunteer Recruitment and Training as a Personal Attendant II, June 2004.
Cooperation with Mustika Radio May 2005 – January 2006; Talk show program every Sunday, to build public awereness on disability issue.
Cooperation with Project Action and FTA, Federal Transportation Association June 2005; One Day Seminar on accessibility and Universal Design.
Involved in networking with civil society organisations in Bandung city, April 2005 until now.
Volunteer Recruitment and Training as a Personal Attendant III, July 2005.
Cooperation with International Handicap, April 2006 – March 2007; Independent Living philosophy socialization through “in home Peer Support” service.
Cooperation with IDP Norway June 2006; the making of Physic Accessibility Posters.
Cooperation with IDP Norway November 2006; the making of documetary film about the accessibility in scope of education.
Cooperation with Handicap International, IDP Norway, and Koalisi Masyarakat Bandung Bermartabat, Mara FM, Mustika FM, and BRAVO (volunteer organisation) December 2006; delivering month of Public Awareness Campaign on disability awareness.
Drawing event for children with disabilities and public, in cooperation with KMBB, December 2006.
Peer counseling service (routine program) for persons with disabilities and volunteers.
Facilitating of Family Discussion Forum with parents/family who have persons with disabilities and teachers, January 2007.
Public Hearing of PERDA No. 10 th.2006, in cooperation with KMBB, January 2007.
Cooperation with IDP Norway, February 2007; the making of BILiC Official Website.

6. Organizational Structure

struktur organisasi BILiC

Blue color on BILiC's logo means services.
Orange color on BILiC's logo means independence.

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