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The Report of International Bathroom Design Competition ”Accessible Restroom”

The Number of Participants
The number of team who registered are about 58, with 151 participants. But only 34 teams who sent their designs to committee.

The Background of Participants
Participants are profession and academic background in architecture, Interior Design, Product Design. Domestic participants come from Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Depok, Bandung, Cimahi, Jogjakarta, Surakarta, Boyolali, Bali. On the othe hand, the foreign participants come from German and Singapore.

The Winner of The Competition
This Competition is won by
AR-038 as The Second Winner with nominal prize IDR 7.000.000
AR-021 as The Third Winner with nominal prize IDR 5.000.000

Committee proudly invite both teams to attend in The Closing of IDD at IBCC, Jl. Ahmad Yani no 296 at 6th December 2007. They will be asked by Committee to present their designs and accept the achievement.  

The Prizes
The prizes will be transferred by Committee through Banks lately at 7th December 2007.

This event could be held by BILiC because of supports from many parties. There are
Mrs. Sundari K.
Mrs. Tjutju
Ms. Cucu Saidah
Ms. Laksmi Darmoyono
Mr. Kristian P. H.
Mr. Mario Baharudin
Mr. Gunawan T.
Mr. Faisal Rusdi

PSUD, URBANE, Handicap International

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