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International Disabilities Day
1st -6th and 8th Desember 2007

Independency is one of the most important things for people to play their both roles, as individual and part of society. Independent Living is a whole concept of independency for people with disabilities. This concept is not merely to fulfil their daily activities, but more, how to achieve their vision in this life. Nowadays, many people with disabilities still have not known and told their need to the people around them. In the meanwhile, those are very important things to do in achieving independency.      

Inclusive environment is a concept which the environment can accommodate all user’s need regardless their ability, age and sex. Mostly, the physical or non physical development in Indonesia have not implemented this concept, such as many school has not had curriculum which can accommodate children with special needs, public building can not be reached with people who use wheelchair, and the quota system of job vacancy for people with disabilities still can not be reached in mostly institution. Those conditions are not only create discrimination of human rights, but also close the opportunity to create comprehensively productive society which is for long term investment. 

The International Disabilities Day or IDD at 3th December is the best moment for evaluation. It is not only refer to people with disabilities in understanding about independent living, but also for many stakeholders in supporting the implementation of inclusive environment. So, BILiC as a NGO which has movement in disabilities issue, held several events with theme “Build Up Independency through Creation” to celebrate this moment.


  • To Socialize Independent Living Concept into wide society, especially for people with disabilities
  • To socialize Universal Design Concept and its implementations through creations, as one of aspects which can support the development of inclusive environment.
  • To socialize Inclusive Environment Concept in many development sectors, especially in education.

Description of The Events
These events is held at Food Plaza IBCC, Jl. Ahmad Yani no 296 Bandung (Except The Socialization of Inclusive Education)

  • 1st December 2007, The Opening of IDD events which perform several musician from Bandung.
  • 1st – 6th December 2007, Exhibition of Design Bathroom as follow up the International Bathroom Design Competition with theme Acceessile Restroom
  • 3rd December 2007,  Public Discussion with theme “Product Design Support Independency”
  • 6th December 2007, The Closing of IDD events which is followed by giving the grants for the winner of competition and entertainment with several performance of musician from Bandung.
  • 8th December 2007, The Socialization of Inclusive Education in Cimahi City, West Java.

The Musicians are Zero, STARSHIVER, Uni 5, Case Band, The Noize, Vocal Group SMAN 1 Bandung, La Raiba Percussion, Bengkel Kreasi 19.
Guest Star : Yuki Pas Band dan Nicky Ukur.

These event are held for wide society especially in Bandung. There are from many stakeholders, such as private, profession, government, academic, and NGO.


  • Understanding of society about Independent Living Concept,, especially people with disabilities.
  • Understanding of society about Inclusive Environment Concept, especially for stakeholders who involve directly.
  • Being materials for all stakeholders to make the follow up as real actions for the xext year.

This event could be held by BILiC because of supports from many parties. There are

Sponsor :

  • IBCC
  • Paramuda Radio
  • Rase Radio
  • Ardan Radio
  • Mara Radio
  • Cosmo
  • RRI
  • PJTV
  • IDP Norway
  • Pikiran Rakyat
  • Galamedia
  • Kopiko

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